Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Imagine, if you will, a t-shaped stage with white gauzy material draped all around such that it looked like a corridor -- probably meant to evoke the cramped alleys in between the "death houses" that once stood in that open, ill-tended field where we sat on plastic chairs, watching Ma: Moment.

I have no real complaints about it, even the unintentionally funny scene where one of the actors plays a hungry ghost in melodramatic agony. Amanda and Justin thought it was all very depressing. Which it was, but somehow I didn't feel for the characters very much and so the pathos never reached me.

I did like the technical and conceptual aspects of the production, particularly the coherent integration of scenes from the '60s film Mother's Grief (Ke Lian De Ma Ma), projected onto the gauzy white draperies for ethereal effect, into the fractured narratives of the production. One moment it's a film in the now demolished-Metropole Cinema, the next a proxy for memories and when silent, a pliable medium ripe for interpretation by actors' voices.

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