Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Off to Cambodia, to whisper my secrets in the cracks of Angkor.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

On the bus, I suddenly thought of the Daicon opening animations. Why do I not have an MP3 of Electric Light Orchestra's Twilight?

This is how Gainax begins: three students attending the Osaka College of Art move into the same cramped apartment in Osaka, enduring each other's smells and revelling in their shared passion: anime. The roommates, Hideaki Anno, Hiroyuki Yamaga, and Takami Akai, buy an 8mm camera (a Fujica ZC-1000) and begin filming a short animated film, drawn by hand and shot frame by frame.

This short, five-minute film was shown at the opening ceremonies of 20th Japan Science Fiction Convention, nicknamed Daicon, in 1981. Set to a soundtrack of snippets from famous anime shows, Daicon III narrates the tale of a young school girl given a mysterious glass of water by two travellers from outer space. Sci-fi creatures and a giant robot are determined to steal the little girl's glass, but she fights them off with inexplicable super-strength and the help of her schoolgirl's backback, which doubles as a jet-pack and missile launcher.

The animation is crude, but crackles with the enthusiastic creativity of youth. In the film's final minutes, the little girl launches an all-out missile barrage that destroys not only Godzilla, but the spaceship Yamato, USS Enterprise, and a Super Star Destroyer! These three smelly otaku had thrown down the gauntlet, declared war on the entire history of sci-fi with this little homemade anime, Daicon III.

Also take a look here.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Consoles from all of video game history come together to save their world and their future from the evil clutches of... PSP.

SEGA Fantasy VI

As the title indicates, this is really a tribute to Final Fantasy 6 but it's funny for non-fans too. There's also a dash of commentary on the state of the gaming industry today.

Watching this animation was great. Uematsu Nobuo's classic score stirred up many fond memories of playing FF6 and other classic RPGs.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Just let me... let me find my voice first.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Music overload. and I haven't even gotten to my CDs yet...

Friday, April 08, 2005

I would be given the "the blues," blue-and-gray first runs of what would later be glorious color spreads of the said naked women, and I would tack them on the cork-lined walls, and I would strive to have fantasies about them. For it was all a fiction, all that stuff; their names were made up, their biographies, their likes and peeves. It was whole cloth, like the letters to my editor. Someone made it up, and that year, that was my job.

I think my personal best was "Katya with her pants down"; and there was also "Anna is a palindrome," but I'm not sure if that was mine.

I did write: "Tolstoy said that a nap after dinner is silver, a nap before dinner gold. Gretchen prefers a nap to dinner altogether."

Workmanlike, as you see.

-- David Mamet, "Girl Copy" in Make-Believe Town: Essays and Remembrances
Posterwire.com, a movie poster blog.
I now have More Songs Than I Need In This Life... But Fewer Than I Want. Luckily I have an (used) iPod now.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I am a d12

You are the rare, the overlooked, yet incredibly useful dodecahedron: the d12. You are a creative, romantic soul. You often act without thinking, but make up for your lack of plans with plenty of heart. You easily solve problems that stump others, but your answers tend to put you into even deeper trouble. You write long, detailed backgrounds for all your characters, and are most likely to dress up as one or get involved in cos-play. You can be silly at times and are easily distracted by your own day dreams, but are at the end of the day you're someone who can be depended on

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Order's latest album Waiting For The Sirens' Call has appeared in music stores here. Like most people, I like some tracks more than others. My favorite track right now is the fourth: Krafty.

Here's the slightly annoying bit: I never really know why I like a particular song more than others.

In this case, I do think that Krafty is a bit too pop. The lyrics are a bit trite (e.g. But out there the world is a beautiful place / With mountains, lakes and the human race), but the tight rhyme scheme is throwing me off. Even so, I still like it -- my favorite bit is the bridge before the second verse.

Is it that I heard this song first before all the others? Krafty is the first single from the album. I liked it right off the bat though.

Is it the music video? I've linked to it before, but here's the link again. If I was positive about a song's music video, I'm likely to be positive about the song itself. The 360 degree rotating camera is a very cool effect, and the content is.... romantic to a straight male in his mid-20s, even if it's over-romanticised.

Is it that the lyrics resonate with my present circumstances? People enjoy songs whose lyrics "speak to them" somehow. (Whether or not they read too much into those lines is another matter...)

I like the title track too, but there's an inherent bias there -- most albums are named after their most appealing track -- so I'm not too curious about that.

I can't bring myself to take Krafty off repeat though. Actions speak louder.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Got our visas for Cambodia today. The fee is a fixed S$38 (US$20 is the benchmark), but if you want to skip the waiting period of two working days, you can have them issue an "emergency" visa on the spot for S$5 more. Dubious, since most people (including us and my annoyed father) will shell out the extra. I think of it like paying for express photo developing actually, but only in this particular case.

In the evening, I caught Kim Ki-Duk's 3-Iron. Excellent stuff. Less serious and philosophical than Spring, Summer Fall, Winter and.... Spring, but similar in the exploration of masculine violence and how it's more concept than character-driven. Am very impressed with the way he portrays the unusual romance between the leads with no dialogue whatsoever except for a scream and two lines. Some great scenes on the nature of violence and men (and golf), and the film mostly made me think about the extent to which people actually use their spaces for living as opposed to existing.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Penal Code (Cap. 224, 1985 Sing. Rev. Ed.)

Unlawful assembly.

141. An assembly of 5 or more persons is designated an "unlawful assembly", if the common object of the persons composing that assembly is -

(a) to overawe by criminal force, or show of criminal force, the Legislative or Executive Government, or any public servant in the exercise of the lawful power of such public servant;

(b) to resist the execution of any law, or of any legal process;

(c) to commit any mischief or criminal trespass, or other offence;

(d) by means of criminal force, or show of criminal force, to any person, to take or obtain possession of any property, or to deprive any person of the enjoyment of a right of way, or of the use of water or other incorporeal right of which he is in possession or enjoyment, or to enforce any right or supposed right; or

(e) by means of criminal force, or show of criminal force, to compel any person to do what he is not legally bound to do, or to omit to do what he is legally entitled to do.


An assembly which was not unlawful when it assembled may subsequently
become an unlawful assembly.

Being a member of an unlawful assembly.

142. Whoever, being aware of facts which render any assembly an unlawful assembly, intentionally joins that assembly, or continues in it, is said to be a member of an unlawful assembly.


143. Whoever is a member of an unlawful assembly, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 6 months, or with fine, or with both.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Was awakened this morning by a phone call from a doctor at SGH. Due to the outbreak of drug-resistant bacteria, my very minor surgery's been postponed to May. Unfortunately, it's close to when I start work (and the SAF won't pay the fees anymore) so I don't think I'll be going after all.

No operation also means no 2-week MC. So I have to go back to camp. Bleah.