Friday, May 06, 2005

While I was away, the MDA announced that it wants to manufacture its own film festival to go with its Asian Film Market.

TODAY, 27th Apr 2005: A First for budding Asian film talent

TODAY, 28th Apr 2005: So happy together?

Kenneth Tan isn't too convincing here. There are many small film festivals held throughout the year, but these are usually country-specific and have very limited runs -- usually about 1 week. They are also heavily supported by the respective embassies and high commissions, since these organisations consider them extensions of their diplomatic responsibilities.

The AFFF will be completely different from these small, "localised" film festivals, and will compete with SIFF in principle -- premieres are a key feature of SIFF too.

(There's also a conflict of interest. Kenneth Tan is on the SFC, which is part of the MDA. Why did Today let that slide?)

What I see here is wasted opportunity. Another one! Why is the MDA not working with SIFF? Is it MDA's highhandedness? Or is SIFF not willing to bridge the gap? Both?

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