Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Japanese fonts

I'm helping friends who are organising an animation festival at the end of the year with some Japanese communications. Before this, I didn't pay too much attention to Asian fonts. SimSun is not ideal for Japanese (some designer's idea of revenge?) -- the katakana and hiragana come out stunted -- so I had to change everything into a Japanese font like MS Gothic.

(So I learnt that MS Mincho and MS Gothic are the Japanese fonts for Windows. The Mac version is Osaka, which probably follows the convention of naming Mac fonts after major cities. Apple doesn't seem to do that anymore though. And Meiryo, which you should look at above, is the new Japanese font for Microsoft's Vista.)

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pi-girl said...

Really appreciate the help with the Japanese fonts and checking the order of the family/ first names! My general rule of thumb was the longer of the names should be the family name (but that's not true is it?)