Sunday, January 14, 2007

Making the World a Better Place... with a Singaporean

I haven't been paying attention to The Authority for a while, so I only just found out that it was restarted last Oct. Say, doesn't that girl's shirt look familiar?

Yeah, that's Jenny Quarx. Leader of The Authority, 14 years old, the Spirit of the 21st Century, with unlimited (albeit undiscovered) powers and gay superhero foster parents. Damned cool. Time to start reading The Authority again.


aglassofwine said...

hey, it's peishan. i can't reply to emails in friendster for some reason. could you send me your email? contact me via my blog at thanks!

re your friend, is she currently living in chicago now?

Anonymous said...

NOOO. that can't be the flag. or is it? Dammit, i'm gonna get myself reacquainted with The Authority again.


Ng Yi-Sheng said...

It's Jenny Quantum, I thought? It's very incongruous leh... anyway, she only got born in Singapore; she never lived there for a significant amount of time.

Readymade said...

Hello! :D

Think they shortened the name for the relaunch?

Well, what you said is true, but still :)