Monday, April 04, 2005

Got our visas for Cambodia today. The fee is a fixed S$38 (US$20 is the benchmark), but if you want to skip the waiting period of two working days, you can have them issue an "emergency" visa on the spot for S$5 more. Dubious, since most people (including us and my annoyed father) will shell out the extra. I think of it like paying for express photo developing actually, but only in this particular case.

In the evening, I caught Kim Ki-Duk's 3-Iron. Excellent stuff. Less serious and philosophical than Spring, Summer Fall, Winter and.... Spring, but similar in the exploration of masculine violence and how it's more concept than character-driven. Am very impressed with the way he portrays the unusual romance between the leads with no dialogue whatsoever except for a scream and two lines. Some great scenes on the nature of violence and men (and golf), and the film mostly made me think about the extent to which people actually use their spaces for living as opposed to existing.

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