Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Order's latest album Waiting For The Sirens' Call has appeared in music stores here. Like most people, I like some tracks more than others. My favorite track right now is the fourth: Krafty.

Here's the slightly annoying bit: I never really know why I like a particular song more than others.

In this case, I do think that Krafty is a bit too pop. The lyrics are a bit trite (e.g. But out there the world is a beautiful place / With mountains, lakes and the human race), but the tight rhyme scheme is throwing me off. Even so, I still like it -- my favorite bit is the bridge before the second verse.

Is it that I heard this song first before all the others? Krafty is the first single from the album. I liked it right off the bat though.

Is it the music video? I've linked to it before, but here's the link again. If I was positive about a song's music video, I'm likely to be positive about the song itself. The 360 degree rotating camera is a very cool effect, and the content is.... romantic to a straight male in his mid-20s, even if it's over-romanticised.

Is it that the lyrics resonate with my present circumstances? People enjoy songs whose lyrics "speak to them" somehow. (Whether or not they read too much into those lines is another matter...)

I like the title track too, but there's an inherent bias there -- most albums are named after their most appealing track -- so I'm not too curious about that.

I can't bring myself to take Krafty off repeat though. Actions speak louder.

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