Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I've taken a liking to Ladytron. And Boney M's Ra Ra Rasputin was stuck in my head all of yesterday.

I'm trying to find some common thread between these, and maybe Daft Punk. I've always had trouble telling people what kind of music I like, mainly because I don't think I'm able to properly convey what I mean. How do you represent an aural experience in words? So I usually end up resorting to names of performers rather than naming a genre. I especially have this problem when it comes to electronica. I like some house, but not all house. I like some lounge, but not all lounge. I like some stuff with 80's-style electronica, but I don't go for all 80's-style electronic music. And so on.

That's not really what people expect in response to the question: "What kind of music do you like/listen to?", is it?

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