Thursday, April 08, 2004

Anyone remember The Rocketeer? The movie wasn't bad at all, but for some reason audiences couldn't be bothered with the Golden Age, 1930s-40s setting. Disney let it die out.

This mini-bout of nostalgia was triggered by the little Kubrick figure of The Rocketeer I bought last night. Good detailing on the rocketpack, the jacket and especially the helmet which unfortunately is not removable.

Medicom also made a limited edition 12" Rocketeer figure. Quite interesting how the Japanese pick up on cool things that Americans neglect, and then some. ^_^

The last time I had a mini bout of The Rocketeer nostalgia was back in Chicago. I was browsing at Powell's and flipped through the graphic novel. Up till then, I didn't know the movie was based on the work of Dave Stevens. I didn't buy the book, but after I got home I wished I had. When I went back the next day it was gone.

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