Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Was busy, so no time to blog about Sunday on Monday. Another half-day of volunteering at the Film Fest on Sunday.

The Corporation: Slick production examining the excesses of corporations. It was fun to show by the WHO's criteria, corporations would be complete psychopaths if they were real people. What I liked most was that the documentary took pains to show that the roots of most of the problems about corporations can be found in the way they have been defined by man-made laws. No crude moralising here, but did get polemic towards the end. Propaganda for my side. If you liked Naomi Klein's No Logo, you will enjoy this.

Watched some of Fallon, Nevada. Dead boring.

Final Solution was banned at the last minute. Award-winning, controversial, banned.

Shame on our censors for taking the easy way out. Clearly the only racial conflict people can think about are the ones sanctioned by MOE. Shame


Before that, I wandered around Clarke Quay. Picked up a brand-new paperback copy of Oryx and Crake for $10, and a 2nd hand copy of the Jackie Brown OST. The CD's a Japanese edition, and there's an insert with all the song lyrics and dialogue snippets transcribed (sweet!) and a commentary on all the tracks, in Japanese. Will sit down one day and figure all that out.

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