Monday, April 12, 2004

Happy Belated Easter!

Went shopping for clothes yesterday, with Amanda and David tagging along (Thanks both of you, although I think the laughter you had at my expense was worth the time you spent :p).

The haul:

1) Shine OST. From a store that sells/rents CDs new and used. The OST was supposedly new but I suspect it's been used. Nice price anyway, and I like the movie a lot.

2) A t-shirt with the Kenninji Fujin and Raijin on it. Bargain!

3) Khaki cargo pants that were on sale. Was given a hideous F4 shopping bag to put it in. Fortunately I managed to trash that bag later after buying

4) A Graniph t-shirt.

I learnt two things:

1) My taste in clothes is more boring than I thought it was and

2) Retail therapy really does not work for me.

I prevaricate over every purchase and if sufficiently large, I will agonise over it for days afterwards. I don't know how I managed to build up this guilt complex over shopping, but it's there. And with all the horror stories about my peers asphyxiating under credit card debts, unpaid loans and low bank balances in a depressed economy, that may not necessarily be such a bad thing after all.

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