Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Bhutan's stunning mountainous landscape and straightforward characterisation are the main selling points of Travellers and Magicians. The landscape is simply spectacular. The cast, mostly first-timers, give refreshingly believable performances. Director Khyentse (pron. KINT-say) Norbu has a fine visual sense (for instance, the scene where Deki peeks out at Tashi from behind lush blue cloth) and his script is simple without being inane, if a bit slow-paced. Depending on how much patience you have, your interest may flag quickly.

If there's a moral to this fable (and it's tempting to extract one since Norbu is supposed to be the third reincarnation of a Lama), it's simply to not take what you have for granted. Then again if I were the government official in the film, well-respected by all, with job security and the distinct possibility of marrying a cute, gentle wife, I wouldn't be going to America either. But maybe that's just me.

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