Saturday, May 01, 2004

Last blog before I head up to KL for the weekend.

Finished Oryx and Crake. The road to Hell is paved with corporate intentions and personal tragedy.

My final films of this year's Film Fest:

City Bus: Fun.

High Noon in Jakarta: Interesting look at Abdurrahman Wahid's standoff with Wiranto early in the former's presidency. Hindsight adds layers of pathos onto the events depicted. As everyone knows, Gus Dur was effectively ousted (though he still remains a popular leader in the NU) and Wiranto stands an excellent chance of becoming the next President of Indonesia -- the exact inverse of the odds of him ever being hauled in front of a human rights abuses tribunal.

Zombie Dog: Directed by outspoken and eccentric S'porean film critic Toh Hai Leong, this is supposed to be a mockumentary about the making of a splatterhouse film by Toh. A better attempt than Djinn's Perth, but too many Eric Khoo influences and the film appears to be all about Toh's personal neuroses. The script is by and large darkly funny, but sometimes the self-referential irony gets too repetitive and cumbersome. Nice try, but no cigar.

See y'all later.

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