Monday, May 31, 2004

Monday already? For a Few Dollars More and The Ipcress File remain unwatched.

I borrowed those two DVDs thinking: "Ok, it's just two. I can handle two. I can watch two at my leisure and not rush them on Monday and Tuesday night."

Should've known better :p

I was on medical leave on Friday for my sore throat and blocked nose (flu?). Spent the afternoon at Kino with Justin, and ended up buying The Edward Said Reader after vacillating over the pricey The Emperor and the Wolf. About S$50 after the 20% discount, but can't I get it for cheaper online? Besides, the library has it. (One copy in Singapore, and on the other side of the island no less.)

In fact, can't I get all of my books for cheaper by shopping online? Sure, spending an afternoon wandering aimlessly and browsing at will has its charms. But for the perenially cash-strapped and frugal, the internet is alluring. Shipping costs can be offset somewhat by ordering in bulk and using vPost. Kinokuniya's 20% discount coupons are not quite beeswax against these virtual siren songs.

First, I need to finish The Confusion. Stephenson has the uncanny knack for weaving the technical and the esoteric into gripping adventures populated by vivid characters and wit. Finance and international trade never sounded so exciting as they do here.

Saturday? Work. Then L5R trading at PI. Then mahjong session with friends. Mahjong's a great game and I enjoy playing it so long as there's no real money involved.

Sunday? Church, nap, then my bro and his family came over.

There we go. A brief accounting of my weekend. Now if my sore throat would just go away...

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