Sunday, May 16, 2004

I gave in and bought Neal Stephenson's The Confusion, Book 2 of The Baroque Cycle. This time I went for the US hardcover version over the UK trade paperback. The warm coppery dust jacket of the former appealed to me far more than the UK version, and Borders was selling both at the same price. Moreover, I think hardcovers stand a better chance of not deteriorating in the hands of my older brother :p

I realise that when placed back-to-back, Books 1 and 2 will not match since my copy of Quicksilver hails from England. I figure I will try to look for the US hardcover of Quicksilver sometime. The dust jacket for that is rather attractive too, done up in gunmetal. The only reason why I got the UK one is because the US ones were sold out at the time.

And when I find it, I will have an excuse to read it all over again.

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