Thursday, September 23, 2004

I had simple plans for this weekend, revolving mainly around the free screenings at the Japanese Association. But other things have cropped up in the meantime. Nothing bad of course. Just lots of reshuffling and hastily composed SMSes. What's life without a modicum of excitement?

Q 1) You are meeting someone for the first time, and you're watching a movie together. What do you pick?

A) Safe Spielberg Hollywood flick The Terminal?

B) Independent Malaysian film The Beautiful Washing Machine?

Date or no date, A is the safest choice. The two people I've asked this say so. My head says so. But I'm stuck on The Beautiful Washing Machine, here for the Malaysian Film Fest. Sunday's the last day.


Q 2a) If a third party comes along, is it still a date?

Q 2b) If your answer to 2a was "No" or an equivalent expression, would you still be bound by dating conventions e.g. a "safe" movie?

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