Sunday, September 19, 2004

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Seek her! Hunt her down like heat seeking missile! Be relentless!

Started my Sunday with the Terry Fox Run. 8km at a mostly leisurely jogging pace. Easier than I thought. I still have my doubts about where all the money really goes to though.

Went to the Zouk flea market in the afternoon, and walked out with a used copy of the Pulp Fiction OST. Most of the time I spent there was over whether to buy used Cospa Gundam T-shirts, or bootleg Galaxy Express 999 DVDs. Was surprised at the number of toys and anime-related stuff for sale there but Flea 'n Easy's the wrong place to be shopping for these things.

The Turkish Bazaar was a real letdown. Two tiny tentages dwarfed by the ACM Empress Place.

Dropped by The Arts House on the way back to check out the modern Japanese artists' exhibition Painting For Joy.

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